Person to Pet 

house call grooming

   Sit.  Stay.  Style.

Mobile Pet Groomer , Montgomery County , Pa

We love to groom little dogs!

How much will my pet's grooming session cost ?

Most grooming sessions start between $85.00 and $95.00 (+tax) depending on the condition of your pet's coat, temperament and size. Final pricing is determined during consultation.

 Your pet's session will include: 

  •  Shampoo with Sulfate free products
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim / file (if applicable)
  • Gland expression (if applicable)
  • Brush
  • Hand dry
  • Haircut (if applicable)

Can I watch you groom?

Sure!  As long as your pet doesn't become nervous or agitated.  Some pets do just fine with their people there but, at other times it's best to step away.  Each pet is different. In most situations though , the pets enjoy their session much more without an audience.

Where will my pet's grooming session take place?

Wherever your pet normally takes a bath!Most people choose a bathroom for their pet's grooming session. There is water, an outlet, and usually ample lighting in most bathrooms.  However, some laundry rooms , kitchens , and other spaces work well too.  We can discuss the best place for your pet's grooming session during your consultation.