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   Sit.  Stay.  Style.

Gentle Pet Groomer , Montgomery County ,Pa

Hi !

I'm Tiffany, and these little boys are Ramses and Roscoe.  I own and operate Person to Pet, and they own me!

I started grooming pets in Oceanside, California over 15 years ago. During that time I have rescued, adopted, fostered and groomed my way to Pennsylvania!

 Person to Pet is an idea based on my own experience.  I had a 30 minute commute for work at the time.  After making other people's pets pretty all day, I would be faced with the decision of whether to stay late to give the boys a bath and then get stuck in traffic or, to groom them at home .  One day I decided that home was the better option and they LOVED it !! As soon as  bath time  was over, they went right back to their  little lives ! So, I started thinking, "There must be other people just like me that take good care of their companions but are just short on time. And there must be pets that are used to being groomed but would love to stay home for the same grooming session they would receive in a salon."  And here we are!

I love pets ! And, I've done a lot of research to find the most gentle and effective products. That means I only use the same high quality, natural, sulfate-free shampoos I use on my boys !  I do my best to make every grooming session as calm and as pleasant as possible for each one of them,  just like I do for Roscoe and Ramses. I use quieter equipment during the grooming session to reduce noise and stress. The first time a normally nervous pet that dreaded  going to the groomer brought me a ball as soon as their session was over, I knew I was on to something ! I've personally seen how much happier and calmer a pet seems during and after a grooming session in their own home. I hope you will too !

I  look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Tiffany Person